Welcome to the FDSA Group 

ADDI’s Federated Data Sharing Appliance (FDSA) is a linux based production implementation of the FDSA Common-API (https://github.com/federated-data-sharing). FDSA enables federated research on highly secured and sensitive datasets where the data use agreements prevent the data from being moved and/or prevent the data from being accessed directly.  

FDSA Supports remote querying and the return of summary/analysis level data (Level 2). 

  1. If you are a Data Owner interested in sharing data via FDSA, click here
  2. If you are a Data Researcher that wants to know more about Federated Research, click here


  1. Data owner installs FDSA on premise and adds connectors to their dataset(s) 
  2. Data owner adds their dataset meta data to ADWB FAIR  
  3. ADWB End Users find the dataset in ADWB FAIR and put in a request for it. 
  4. The Data Owner logs into FDSA and reviews and approves the ADWB End User Data Access Request(s) 
  5. The ADWB End User logs into their ADWB Workspace, and from there, they can send federated queries to the FDSA and receives results. 


To obtain support email: fdsa.support@alzheimersdata.org  


For additional information email fdsa.support@alzheimersdata.org  and request additional information about Federated Data Sharing Services.