AMONETA DIAGNOSTICS' ADDIA dataset now available on AD Workbench!

In collaboration with AMONETA DIAGNOSTICS, we're happy to announce the availability of the ADDIA dataset on AD Workbench. Researchers can now perform advanced analysis related to dementia diagnosis and differential diagnosis between dementia types.

For access to the ADDIA dataset on AD Workbench, sign up or log back in:

 Mag The ADDIA dataset includes data from 207 subjects across 13 clinical centers in five European countries, covering mild AD, moderate-severe AD, non-AD, and healthy controls.  

  Bar chart Researchers will have access to a comprehensive array of data, including demography, vital signs, physical exams, functional tests, brain MRI findings from 147 regions, and essential laboratory results.   

 Handshake We thank our partners at Amoneta Diagnostics and the ADDIA consortium for enabling researchers around the globe to drive progress on diagnosis and understanding of various forms of dementia. Read the joint announcement to learn more about the data and partnership: FIRALIS S.A.