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Welcome! Why We Opened AD Connect

In full alignment with our mission, ADDI is always seeking the opportunities to provide our members a space to collaborate. From this vision, ADDI created a new online community – Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Connect. This is your space to ask for support, share a new piece of code or data, even a manuscript, float a new idea, and find inspiration. Not only will you find resources to help you work in the AD Workbench, but you will also find (or maybe you will start) broader engagement among the dementia community and with the ADDI team.

If you are an AD Workbench user, you already have access to AD Connect. If you are new to ADDI, feel free to explore our resources and connect with fellow researchers in AD Connect! If you have questions about AD Connect, please email

Happy connecting, we hope you find value out of this new community!