Article Synthetic EPAD Dataset

This synthetic dataset has been modeled after data from the European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia (EPAD) project ( The dataset consists of 10 tables and contains data for 200 subjects on biomarkers (apoe_synthetic, csf_synthetic), cognition (cdr_synthetic, dot_counting_synthetic, flanker_synthetic, four_mountains_synthetic, rbans_synthetic), socio demographics (socio_demographics_synthetic), vital signs (vital_signs_synthetic), and imaging (volumetric_synthetic).

The code used to generate the dataset can be found at

Manuscripts citing this dataset

  • Virtual Cohorts and Synthetic Data in Dementia: An Illustration of Their Potential to Advance Research. 2020. DOI: 3389/frai.2021.613956
  • Data preparation for artificial intelligence in medical imaging: A comprehensive guide to open-access platforms and tools. 2021. DOI:

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