Article PREVENT Dementia Research Programme

The PREVENT Dementia programme aims to identify the earliest signs of dementia, which may occur in the brain decades before symptoms appear. Participants were recruited in midlife (aged 40 – 59) to identify biological and psychological factors that may increase their risk of dementia in later life. Data available includes, MRI Imaging, cognition measures (COGNITO, 4 Mountains task, Visual short term memory binding task, supermarket trolley task), Lifestyle questionnaires (Diet, brain injury history, sleep, physical activity levels, education, history of traumatic life events).

Clinical data is also available including medical history, biometrics, APOE4 genetic status, GWAS data and samples are available for analysis on request.


Request Access

Data access can be requested via AD Workbench FAIR portal here. Access requests are reviewed by the PREVENT team and the dataset will be automatically delivered to your workspace Inbox upon approval. Biological samples are also requestable via ADDI.

Data Use Agreement

The dataset terms of usage can be accessed here.

Publishing results using this dataset?

The dataset owner has specified that when publishing results using this dataset, PREVENT and their funders are acknowledged. The requirements can be accessed here.


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