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Ask the tech team questions about your workspace, datasets, or anything related to your research.

  • This is an optional, drop-in session, so feel free to join at any time during the event if you have questions about the AD Workbench.
  • We will address user questions on a first-come, first serve basis. Please wait your turn in the virtual meeting lobby and we will move you into a breakout room once one of our team members is available.
  • We host these bi-weekly sessions on Thursdays at alternating times: either 12PM or 6PM Eastern time.

Check out more AD Data Initiative Events below!

Researcher Roundtables Our series of moderated discussions with key thought leaders on various topics chosen by our ADDI community.
Dataset Learning Series Four talks on datasets permissibly available on the AD Workbench: GERAS-US, Single cell RNA-seq, AMYPAD, and BLSA. Learn about study backgrounds, key findings to date, open questions or other ‘food for thought’ that could be explored in secondary research, and any tips or tricks that may be helpful in requesting access via AD Workbench.
Novel Technologies Learning Series Four talks on novel technologies in dementia research: Long-read sequencing, retinal imaging, digital voice data, and single-cell sequencing.
Office Hours Join our Office Hours to ask questions about your workspace, datasets, or anything related to the AD Data Initiative. This is a drop-in session hosted on a bi-weekly basis. 
Workshops Host a workshop in collaboration with ADDI and allow us to guide your team in understanding how AD Workbench can be applied to their research.