Meet Dr. Sammy Danso, one of the panelists for our upcoming ADDI Researcher Roundtable: 'The Importance of Diversity in Dementia Research'

Dr. Danso is an Honorary Academic Fellow in applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science at Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences. He is also Fellow at the Information Commissioner’s Office of the United Kingdom (UK) where he leads research projects to shape policy on use of AI technologies to drive the UK economy. Prior to his current role, Sammy held several post-doctoral research positions within the University of Edinburgh and Newcastle University focusing on application of AI to a variety of problems. He also worked for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Health Service of Ministry of Health in Ghana for over a decade. Dr Danso is also involved in teaching and supervision of MSc and PhD student projects, and a reviewer for numerous academic journals. 

He is currently the Principal Investigator on the following projects: 

  • Examination of drivers of privacy breaches in AI models within the context of Explainable AI and data protection. 
  • Digital phenotyping to detect early risk factors of dementia in lower-and-middle-income populations to develop novel machine learning approaches that utilise low-cost multi-modal data obtained from a variety of sources, including natural language to detect Brain Health issues and the modifiable risk factors responsible in order to improve the utility of AI technologies globally 

His research interest is in application of AI and Big Data technologies to Brain Health research with particular focus on dementia and healthy aging. He is also interested the interaction between privacy of AI models within the context of Explainable AI and data protection.  

Dr. Danso holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Leeds; an MSc in Advanced Software Engineering; BSc in Computer Science and a member of the British Computer Society.